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Did you ever wonder why even after cleaning it, the rug seems to still look dirty? Carpet Cleaning Reservoir is one of the very few rug cleaning companies that know the reason for this problem. The reason why your rug still looks dirty is that regular cleaning will only remove the soil top layer you will be able to see.

But the sticky soap residues left behind inside rugs will attract the new soil particles. Hence, your rug needs a deep rug cleaning service, which is a service such as steam cleaning. So, now you are aware of the reason and want to hire a company to avail professional rug cleaning Reservoir services? Give us a call at 03 4050 7972.

Book Us Today And We’ll Provide You Same-Day Service Before 24 Hours

Nowadays our same day rug cleaning service is in trend. Because this is one of the only services that you can avail yourself of within 24 hours of form filling or slot booking. In fact, we provide this service at a reasonable run cleaning cost, as our aim is to meet all of your corners with affordable costs.

Our same day cleaning service will also extend the lifespan of your rug and give it a wonderful life. So, be it dirt on the surface of a rug or deeply embedded debris, we are quick to get rid of them.

Rug Cleaning Services You Can Avail In Reservoir 

To retain the beauty and lustre, a rug should be cleaned every 12-18 months. In regular cleaning, the type of rug cleaning services the material gets also plays a major role. Hence, the rug cleaning Reservoir team provides every kind of service from surface dry cleaning to deep steam cleaning. To know more in detail, take a look here:

Rug Steam Cleaning Service

When it comes to offering deep rug cleaning, we train all our experts according to the standard steam cleaning services. This way we are not only good at implementing different ways of steam cleaning but we are also great at customising new plans. We promise to take better care of your rugs.

Rug Dry Cleaning Service

You will not find professional home rug cleaners like us that are not only qualified to do dry cleaning but also earned many certificates. So, be our very first client to book our rug cleaning Reservoir services for the day. We are waiting for your call!

Rug Odour Removal Service

Did you take your rug odour removal as a challenge and are ready to use baking soda, vinegar, etc? Why not give this challenge to our local rug cleaners? Because we cost low and provide the best and most effective rug cleaning services for odour removal.

Rug Mould Removal Service

Even a small spill of juice from your overnight party will lead to the growth of mould the very next day. And scrubbing the area using a bristle tool is not as helpful as you might think. So, call us to get off the mould on the rug with our experienced hands.

Rug Sanitization Service

It’s very important to not just clean the rug but also to sanitize it. Because sanitization has 2 best benefits like 1. Makes the rug appear better, 2. Helps you to avoid disrupting allergens and dirt. So, make sure to avail this 2 in 1 solution from us.

Rug Shampooing Service 

With the right shampooing service, your rugs will look as if it’s breathing new air. Moreover, rug shampooing will tackle both odours and stains at the same time. Also, our solvent-free cleaning agents will not fade colourfast rugs.

Our Methods to Remove Every Stain On Your Rugs 

To offer the most thorough services, we put our professional rug cleaning service into action. This strategy of ours is very helpful for inside and out of any type of rug materials. Because we do pre-inspection, customise a cleaning method according to the rug issues and post-inspection.

This in-detail plan is what made our work uniquely high-quality. But if you have any doubts about the strategy we implement, you can enquire with our rug cleaning Reservoir team. Look what type of stains we get rid of with our strategies:

  • Vomit stains
  • Stains from spills of water, juice and sauces
  • Lipstick stains
  • Beer stains
  • Paint stains
  • Stains from chocolates and so on and so forth.

So look no further for rug cleaning near me and book us!

Rug Cleaning Steps We Follow For Long-Lasting Results

Sometimes, vacuuming cannot be your solution if you want to deep clean the rug. Because improper vacuuming can damage and devalue your rug fibres.

Hence, our rug cleaning Reservoir team follows a cleaning process that not only values your rugs but also gives you long-lasting results. Because all we want is a satisfied client although we charge them low rug cleaning prices. So, here is the rug cleaning process we are talking about:

  • Rug Fiber Identification: Knowing rug fibre makes a big difference in the results we can get.
  • Pre-Conditioner: Apply on rugs to break up the oil, grease and everything that hold grit and dirt and then rinse off.
  • Spot Removal: Use different kinds of spot removers as the same solution doesn’t work to get rid of every spot seen on the rugs.
  • Rug Drying: Dry the rug that we just cleaned and meanwhile we also check if everything is all good to go with the rug.
  • Re-Installing The Rug: As the step, we go back to make sure everything is how we wanted it to be, and we re-install the rug.

Why Choose Among A Wide Range Of Options For Rug Cleaning Services In Reservoir

As many of our clients come to us for one purpose of extending their rugs’ life, our rug cleaning Reservoir team aims it as one of our goals. In fact, if you are fed up with routine rug cleaning, you can search for our company by searching in the “rug cleaning near me” list. We have certified home rug cleaners that are ready to offer you a few more rug cleaning service benefits like:

  • We’ll make everything right by providing professional rug cleaning services with all the knowledge we have about all rug types.
  • Local home cleaners use the right procedure only after inspecting the rug in detail.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and instead, opt for safe and chemical-free agents.
  • Our experts are polite, professional, uniformed and clean-cut to speak with.
  • We use the finest and the most advanced equipment to offer on-time services.

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What are the types of rugs that you clean in Reservoir area properties?

The type of rugs we clean are:
– Handmade wool rugs
– Synthetic rugs
– Oriented rugs
– All wool rugs
– Dhurrie rugs
– Persian antique rugs and many more our clients want us to.

How much do you charge for rug cleaning services?

We were asked about our rug cleaning service cost many times now. But our response is that not all rugs are of the same type and material. Hence, they are also not cleaned in the same way and cost you differently. However, we offer affordable rug cleaning services only.

How long do I wait to expect same day rug cleaning service if I book a slot today?

If you book a same day rug cleaning service with us, you just have to wait 24 hours to expect our service.

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