Why Do Ink Stains Appear To Be Hard To Eliminate From Carpet

Why Do Ink Stains Appear To Be Hard To Eliminate From Carpet

It is easy to wash the hands and get the ink out but it’s very difficult to take off the ink from the carpet. You need to know the best methods to remove the ink stains from the carpet because ink stains are difficult to remove as compared to any other stains. Ink is made up of dyes intended to stain something and is either liquid or water-based. 

Different types of Ink stains

Here is the type of ink that creates stains and each type of ink requires a different strategy to remove the stains. So before you try something new make sure you check the surface and type of stains:

  • Water-based ink
  • ballpoint ink
  • permanent ink

You must act super quickly to remove the stains from the carpet because if the stain gets dry then it will take a longer time to remove which will result in more tedious work. Carpet Cleaning Reservoir will depend upon the type of ink, type of carpet fibers, and how old the stains are. If the carpet is of wool then it requires more careful cleaning. 

Steps to remove water-based ink

It is very easy to clean up the water-based inks because this will not require any harsh chemical to break them and use water as a solvent base. DIY tips also work so effectively to remove the ink stains and you need water, dishwashing liquid, and a white cloth to remove the stains. 

Here are the steps to remove the stains:

  • Create a cleaning mixture

In a warm water mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent.

  • Dip a cloth

To avoid transferring colors onto the carpet it’s important to use a white cloth and towel. 

  • Dab the cloth on ink stains

If you want to avoid the ink to spread around then start working from the outside towards the center of the stain.

  • Repeat

Until the stain disappears it’s important to keep dabbing the stain.

  • Soak extra moisture

Take a paper towel or a dry cloth to soak the extra moisture from the carpet.

  • Vacuum

At last, when you observe that the carpet cleaning service is dry, use a vacuum to restore the fibers of the carpet.

  • Permanent ink

Sometimes it is difficult to remove the ink stains with dishwashing liquid and water because printer ink, gel pens, and sharpies are a different matter. So rubbing alcohol works so effectively in that case as it helps to break down the ink. If you want to avoid the damage to the carpet fibers then try to rinse away the alcohol leftover properly. For this, you need rubbing alcohol, water, white vinegar, and a white cloth.

Here are the steps to remove the stains with alcohol:

  • Dip a white cloth into the alcohol

If you want to minimize the risk of transferring color onto the rug then use a white cloth.

  • Dab the stains properly

Take a cloth and start working from outside towards the center, then blot the ink stains with the cloth. If you want to avoid reapplying the ink to the carpet, try to turn the cloth occasionally. 

  • Repeat until the stain disappears

The stain will not disappear immediately it will take some time which depends upon the type of ink and age of the stain.

  • Make a solution of white vinegar and water

White vinegar and water are a perfect choice if you want to remove the excess rubbing alcohol and want to prevent fibers damage.